Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) from Shingles?

Hi and welcome to my blog, which is about how I ended up being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It explaining how I believe I ended up with this condition, how it has affected me and how I am trying to deal with it at the moment.

My initial blog posts give you the history of how I believe I ended up being finally diagnosed with CFS. If you read the numbered posts that you see in the Blog Archive list to the right starting from number 1 "What is this all about?" then you will read my story below in the correct sequence.

I hope you find this blog interesting and will give some feedback if you believe you have CFS from the same cause as mine and perhaps indicate if and what treatment or strategies etc are helping you to recover or deal with your CFS.

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10. See how time just slips by!

So again a month or so later I went to see the Psychiatrist. After an hour’s consultation his conclusion was that I was not nuts (my words) and that he agreed I was suffering with CFS. Regarding the Modafinil drug, it turned out that he had not used it but would read up on it and write to my doctor about his findings and his recommendation for this drug.

Whenever I have seen any of these consultants, I have asked that they also send me a copy of the letter that they send to my doctor after each consultation. They seem happy to do this and it has helped me to feel in the loop, and if I had not done so I believe they would simply have just sent the letter to my doctor.

The letter came and confirmed what I had learnt from the consultation and also indicated that a trial of Modafinil would be a worthwhile experiment. Initially my doctor was reluctant to prescribe Modafinil due to its cost but we agreed a very small quantity might be worth a try. So I was given enough for two weeks. After one week on Modafinil I had to stop taking it as I was getting no benefit from it and it was making my headaches and tinnitus a lot worse.

Perhaps by now you can see how the weeks slip into months and the months slip into years, during all this process. Meanwhile there is no permanent improvement in my condition just periods when I might feel a bit better and then other times when I might feel a bit worse.

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