Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) from Shingles?

Hi and welcome to my blog, which is about how I ended up being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It explaining how I believe I ended up with this condition, how it has affected me and how I am trying to deal with it at the moment.

My initial blog posts give you the history of how I believe I ended up being finally diagnosed with CFS. If you read the numbered posts that you see in the Blog Archive list to the right starting from number 1 "What is this all about?" then you will read my story below in the correct sequence.

I hope you find this blog interesting and will give some feedback if you believe you have CFS from the same cause as mine and perhaps indicate if and what treatment or strategies etc are helping you to recover or deal with your CFS.

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Botox for Migraine

As I am still having a headache all day, every day, I had yet another type of treatment, that was recently approved as a new treatment for migraine, the new treatment is Botox injections.

The Botox injections for migraine or to be more precise botulinum toxin A injections treatment involved me having 31 Botox injections in specific places around my head, such as my forehead and the sides of my head, the back of my neck and on my shoulders. I was told this was the specified procedure for the Botox headache treatment, as I thought it odd that I didn't just get injections in the area of my headache i.e. my forehead.

They were only small injections and there in no great pain involved and the whole process only took my consultant and another doctor about 30 minutes or less to administer.

I was told it might take up to 4 weeks to know if the Botox injections are helping to reduce my migraine. If I see no benefit during the first 8 weeks then this treatment is not going to help me. However, if it does help I may have to receive more Botox injections a few times every 3 or 4 months.

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