Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) from Shingles?

Hi and welcome to my blog, which is about how I ended up being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It explaining how I believe I ended up with this condition, how it has affected me and how I am trying to deal with it at the moment.

My initial blog posts give you the history of how I believe I ended up being finally diagnosed with CFS. If you read the numbered posts that you see in the Blog Archive list to the right starting from number 1 "What is this all about?" then you will read my story below in the correct sequence.

I hope you find this blog interesting and will give some feedback if you believe you have CFS from the same cause as mine and perhaps indicate if and what treatment or strategies etc are helping you to recover or deal with your CFS.

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Flunarizine tablets some signs of headache reduction

I had to stop the Valproate tablets I had been taking as the stomach problems were bad and did not appear to be get any better with time, but these tablets had given me some improvement in my headaches.

My consultant then suggested I try Flunarizine 5mg tablets which I take at night.

For the first  few weeks there was no change in my headache and no noticeable side effects. Then in the following weeks I have started to see some reduction in my headache level, but I still have a headache all day every day.

The consultant indicated that I should continue with Flunarizine for 3 month before making any medication changes as I should see continual improvement over this time.

I will keep you posted on how it works out.

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